Acmtix Ltd pricing plan £ Great Value.

Monitoring Solution Health Check

£700+ VAT per day.
  • Health Check
  • 1. Database cleanup, 2. node inventory assessment, 3. coverage check, 4. environmental review, 5. alerting assessment, 6. report review
  • Peace of mind that your monitoring solution is performing efficiently.

Monitoring Solution Health Check

Need a health check, ask Acmtix Ltd to assess your enterprise monitoring solution and provide advice and solutions towards a better monitoring portfolio.

Standard Contract Rate (3 Month)

£580+ VAT per day.
  • Deploying a full monitoring solution
  • Whole environment coverage and configuration
  • Alerting, Reporting, standard operational procedures, advice and guidance about environmental monitoring

Standard Daily Rate

Acmtix Ltd can work with you, to design and create a great monitoring solution coupled with over 20 years experience monitoring all kinds of hardware and software devices.

Consultancy & Training

£900+ VAT per day.
  • Need a specific monitoring problem solving?
  • Require training, or alert/report configuration?
  • Custom alerting, custom reporting, threshold configuration.


Acmtix Ltd can assess your environment and provide consultancy based upon specific requirements.

The power of Acmtix Ltd!