The Orion database can on occasion run slowly, despite running automatic database maintenance tasks every night.

This slowness can often be caused by fragmented indexes. I have seen this fragmentation happen at a few of my customers recently.

To find out which indexes are causing this slowness add the Solarwinds Orion database into Server and Application monitor.

When the database is polled it will become clear where the problem is within the Indexes of the database.

The SolarWindsOrion database (above) is showing as red!

Look for the indicated fragmentated Index in the application monitoring for the SolarWindsOrion database.

As you can see we have a lot of fragmentation occurring in our InterfaceErrors_Details.

To fix the slowness, open the SQL Management Studio and rebuild the fragmented indexes.

Make sure to pay attention to the name of the table. You don’t want to rebuild the wrong table.

Right click on the Index that is causing the slowness and click “rebuild all”.

Solarwinds also provides instructions below demonstrating how to do this, simply follow these instructions based upon the fragmented indexes.