When I stay away from home in a hotel, I like to get creative.
I create vector images using an old copy of Photoshop on my laptop. It can be tricky working on a small screen.

Whats the difference between a vector image and a normal image?

  • Raster (bitmap) image: At 100% a normal image looks almost the same as a vector version. As soon as the image is scaled, the pixels on the edge begin to show and the edges no longer look smooth.
  • Vector image: The vector image is created by defining points and curves. When vector graphics are scaled, the edges remain crisp and sharp no matter the size.

A complex vector image is made up of lots of vector layers created using the Pen tool placed on top of each other. Eventually a recognisable image appears.

Ever thought about creating vector images? its easy... give it a go.
The Pen Tool.

Vectors are great for logos.

The ACMTIX logo (below) is a vector image and it can be expanded to any size and re-saved without any deterioration in quality.

Hesper the Hare

I helped rescue a baby hare who was left in a box and would have died if help was not provided. I have created this vector image of our hare (below).

Starting with base colours I used the pen tool in Adobe Photoshop to create vector shapes. Slowly increasing the complexity, until I created the final most detailed image on the right. Often an image like this can consist of hundreds of vector shapes.

Hesper the Hare.

Here are some other images I have created using the same technique.
Again I used the pen tool to create blocks of colour that I placed into layers to make a complex image that can be expanded to any size.

A Buddhist monk and Howard Beale from the movie Network.

If you wish to comment or post links to your own vector art, then please do so in the comments below.

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