This is a simple guide to enable successful monitoring of the Darktrace master and slave appliances using SNMPV3.

Prerequisite : Make sure your devices are connected and configured with IP addresses via the Darktrace interface.

  1. Connect via putty onto each device.

2. Login as : Console

3. Enter your SSH password

4. Select Darktrace Appliance from the Menu Items. Select enable SNMP

5. Select Security name and enter name.

6. Select Authentication Type and Passphrase.

7. Select Privacy Protocol and Passphrase.

8. Click Yes and save the configuration. Close SSH connection.


9. Add the node into Solarwinds as SNMPV3 node.

10. Remember to enter the username, which in this case is monitor. Also include the authentication and encryption method.

Click Submit.


Darktrace is now monitored.