Today, after five months, i’m finishing another Infrastructure monitoring contract. A successful Solarwinds deployment for a NHS service provider.

A few achievements :

  • I have automated alerting based upon custom application monitoring templates and thresholds.
  • I have designed some really clever performance / capacity reports that will be used to report back to NHS Digital to show availability of the applications.
  • I have designed web performance transaction monitors that let support teams know if their web applications are performing and notify if there are problems.

I leave this company today, knowing that they will be able to provide a great service to the NHS and if there are any issues with their software, monitoring will detect and fix / notify the relevant individuals.

The last piece of work for this company was to help them construct a weekly meeting to discuss monitoring requirements and issues.

Monitoring Workshop

  1. Evaluate new servers that have been discovered. Make sure CPU, MEMORY, DISK are showing up.
  2. Evaluate monitoring templates assigned to existing servers and make sure they are applied to new servers.
  3. Check that thresholds applied to templates are correctly set. Ask a DBA if it’s a database, check IIS settings with a developer. Thresholds have already been applied to most templates currently in use so only thresholds that are critical will alert.
  4. Check current active alerts in ServiceNow and in All active alerts in solarwinds. (Discuss) (Resolve)
  5. Update NOC display to represent new servers, adding any monitored applications + components accordingly.

So thats it, a stand up meeting for the customers to discuss changes and to resolve any issues they may encounter on a weekly basis.

Another Solarwinds deployment configured and implemented.

The company staff have been trained, are successfully utilising Solarwinds for root cause analysis diagnosis, general support and forecasting.

I’m off on holiday!