When you integrate SolarWinds Orion and your ServiceNow incident management system you can configure Orion alerts to generate incidents that respond to monitored events in your environment, such as a failed hard drive or a change in server health.

Integrating ServiceNow with your Orion platform applications helps ensure that all Orion alerts are addressed in a timely manner. For example, if your monitored servers and applications are located in a remote area or you have limited staff to monitor your environment, Orion can automatically route the incident to the appropriate person who can address the problem in the least amount of time.

With this integration you can:

  • Automatically create incidents in ServiceNow based on alerts that trigger in Orion
  • Synchronize the acknowledgement of Orion alerts and ServiceNow incidents
  • Automatically update, close, and reopen ServiceNow incidents

Configure a ServiceNow alert action

After you integrate ServiceNow with the Orion Server, you’ll notice a Create ServiceNow Incident option when you click Add Action on the Trigger Actions panel of the Alert Wizard. You can use this new alert action to precisely define what should happen to a ServiceNow incident when an alert in Orion is created, updated, or reset.

See the “Integrate an Orion Platform product with ServiceNow” section of the administration guide for instructions on integrating your product with ServiceNow.

After you specify the ServiceNow instance where you want to create the incident, use the Incident Detail panel to define how SolarWinds completes the incident.

Use the State Management panel to specify what state the incident transitions to when the corresponding alert is reset, reopened, acknowledged, and closed.

Then continue configuring the alert as usual.

View ServiceNow incidents in the Orion Web Console

On the Orion Web Console menu, click Alerts & Activity > Alerts. If you have an active ServiceNow alert, the All Active Alerts view contains the incident number and the assignee or assignee group.

If you click the incident number, you can view the incident in ServiceNow.

To get a more detailed view of incidents related to a particular alert, including incidents that are already closed, click the alert name. The Active Alerts Details page displays the ServiceNow Incidents resource, which contains basic details about the incident.

Use the ServiceNow Incidents resource to see at a glance whether the incidents related to this alert are open or closed, and you can also see who the incident is assigned to in ServiceNow. The incident number link takes you directly to the incident in ServiceNow.