Download the MySQL ODBC connector

Download the ODBC connector from the MSI on the Solarwinds poller that will connect to the database for monitoring.

Once the connector is installed add a new SYSTEM DSN connection to the database.

Run a test to see if the connector has been setup correctly and to test the database credentials.

Applying the MySQL Monitoring Template

  1. Go to Manage applications in Server & Application Monitor.
  2. Locate the MySQL (5.7.9 or later) template.
  3. Apply the template to the database server.
  4. Add MySQL connection string to relevant components within template (anything with ODBC connector reliance)

Driver={MySQL ODBC 5.3 Unicode Driver};Server=${IP};Port=3306;DataBase={INFORMATION_SCHEMA};Uid=${USER};Pwd=${PASSWORD};

  1. The mySQL component process monitor does not require a connection string as it requires standard node credentials. Check this and then submit template.

The template will poll normally, and most of the application component monitors will turn green, as you can see some components may turn red as the database components may not have the correct thresholds applied. Check with the DBA to see what the correct monitoring thresholds should be set to.