Monitoring applications, servers, and components need to be clearly defined so that better understanding of the technical environment can be gained.

When technical and non-technical staff are asked to work within an environment, certified diagrammatical information is critical to the effective support, development and future maintenance of the environment.

This diagram is a representation of a software as a service environment that clearly defines monitoring priorities.

  1. The servers in the environment form functional groups represented by blue circles.
  2. Key monitored components are assigned into the groups represented by white circles.
  3. A larger group displays basic overall monitoring capabilities for the whole environment represented by the pale outer blue circle.
  4. Trigger actions should be clearly defined and assigned to applications, web transactions and nodes.

This design allows the addition of groups to the infrastructure and can easily display the key aspects to stakeholders, without the requirement for technical knowledge.

IIS application pools and sites are assigned into the functional groups.

MySQL monitoring is added into the functional groups.

Custom monitoring components are listed within the functional grouping, detailing important nodes such as Citrix netscalers and distributed system file share availability monitoring.