Name of alert: High packet loss

Description of alert:

This alert examines the percent packet loss over the last few minutes. Packet loss is calculated from the number of ICMP packets that are dropped when polling the node. This alert will write to the SolarWinds event log when packet loss rises above 40% and when it drops back below 5%.

Type of Property to monitor : Node

Enabled(On/Off): ON

Evaluation Frequency of alert: Every minute

Severity of alert: Critical

Alert Limitation Category

No Limitation

Trigger Condition

Node – Percent Loss – is greater than – 40

Reset Condition: Node – Percent Loss – is less than – 5

Time of Day schedule: Alert is always enabled

Trigger Action:

Escalation Level 1

  1. Send an Email/Page (ALERT: High Response Time for ${NodeName})
  2. NetPerfMon Event Log : Node ${NodeName}’s packet loss has risen above 40% to ${Node.PercentLoss}.

Reset Action:

  1. Send an Email/Page (RESET: Packet loss for ${NodeName} is abnormally high)
  2. NetPerfMon Event Log : Node ${NodeName}’s packet loss has dropped from above 40% to below 5% and is currently ${Node.PercentLoss}.

I have also created some other flowcharts to demonstrate alerting functionality. Here are my flowcharts.