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October 2018

MSP’s don’t work.

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"MSP's don't work". That is a pretty bold statement. In my experience the above statement is true and i'll even go further, by suggesting that you should employ an infrastructure monitoring contractor instead of [...]

Combining Dynamic Groups with Custom Properties in Solarwinds.

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Custom Properties Custom properties are great for recording information in fields that Solarwinds doesn't provide by default. At my current customer they use custom properties fields to sort nodes into organised categories in the "all [...]

August 2018

Are you a technical social media risk?

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Think about the information you post on Linkedin, technical forums and social media outlets. How could that information be used to hack your environment? We give out our information to corporations with the expectation that [...]

May 2018

The Bad Monitoring System

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Part of the job of a technical engineer is to design and build new infrastucture. An engineer requires information at their fingertips to be able to perform effectively. As part of an [...]

SQL Server licensing for Solarwinds Orion

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SQL Server licensing can be confusing. Here is my guide to help you understand licensing for Solarwinds Orion SQL server, based upon a server with 20 CPU cores. Types of SQL Server licenses There are [...]

The Importance of Individuality

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"Under his eye" - Handmaid, The Handmaids Tale. I love Margaret Atwoods, The Handmaids tale series. It portrays a dismal America that is suffering under a tyrannical theological rule. The main character suffers rape [...]